In recent years, social media has impacted heavily on communication and allowed for many positive changes to occur, it could also be argued that it has created a sense of community, which wasn’t as prominent before.

Facebook is a massive platform that allows many people to share and post things they are interested in. It has enabled people to communicate with each other in way that’s fast and efficient. In some cases this has meant that local communities have become closer through the use of pages such as: ‘Spotted Clacton’ or ‘Spotted Colchester’. These pages allow people to voice their opinions on local issues and they sometimes help them to find missing pets and even family members. These sites enable communities to come together through shared opinions and an interest in their local area. An example of this is on Spotted in Clacton, where a young girl went missing and due to the publicity of the post and the comment and shares of the post, she was found safe. This shows how the community spirit can grow through the use of social media.

Twitter is also a great platform for positive change; it has allowed companies and consumers to communicate more quickly and easily. They are also able to deal directly with complaints and the platform also allows them to connect with their customers on a personal and sometimes humorous manner.


It has also helped many campaigners gain publicity and talk to the right people. When talking to Laura Coryton, #EndTamponTax lead campaigner, she said, “Twitter was very effective for reaching and utilising a huge pool of people in a fun and informal way. It’s also been good to connect directly with supporters and celebrities, too!” The #EndTamponTax was successful this year when the amendment was approved and therefore tampon tax is no more. This is yet another way that social media has acted as a vehicle for positive change.

Many news outlets have taken to social media in order to widen their audiences. This has had a positive impact as it means that many people, in particular younger people, are able to keep up with the news of the day with ease and means that news outlets have gained more traffic through their Facebook or Twitter pages. BBC have even expanded onto Snapchat, this really gives the audience news in brief and enables the BBC themselves to capture young peoples attention. These platforms also allow news outlets to interact with their audiences and find out the their opinions on certain subjects, with the use of features like comments and shares.