Junior doctors are set to go on strike again tomorrow due to the disagreement between the Government and the BMA about the rate of pay during unsociable hours.

This time the junior doctors will perform all-out strikes across the country, which means that consultants and senior doctors will have work double has hard to deal with the extra pressures caused by the decision to withdraw cover from emergency care areas for the first time in the NHS’s 68-year history.

The strikes will be taking place between 8am and 5pm on Tuesday 26 April and the 8am and 5pm on Wednesday 27 April.

Colchester General Hospital has postponed nearly 600 outpatient appointments and 75 operations, 42 of which are day cases, the rest being in-patient procedures. The hospital has profusely apologised to patients for the disruption and says they are doing their best to reschedule and cope with the lack of staffing.

The NHS junior doctors are in dispute with the government, in particular over the argument of whether Saturday is classed as a usual working day has been raised with the Government previously but with no resolve. Currently junior doctors are receiving an unsociable rate of pay after 7pm weekdays and all of Saturday and Sunday.