Festival fresher?

Where do I camp?

What should I eat?


First things first… don’t panic!
The aim of this piece is to settle your nerves for the crazy festival you are about to submerge yourself in…


Obviously most people are going to say the best way of camping is by campervan or caravan, but at Glastonbury the only way is tents! The trek to the caravan site is long and very difficult especially after a few of the legendary Somerset ciders (I’ll get onto those later). So, a tent it is.

Now that’s sorted its important you remember this, if not anything else said in this post… Never camp at the bottom of a hill. The rain will come (I’m sorry its true) and when it does you do not want to be camping in a puddle or having to wake up to a soggy pillow and clothes that are no longer wearable. So although there are always huge spaces to camp at the bottom of the hills, don’t be fooled no one is camping there for a very good reason.
Another useful tip, take two tents, one, which you sleep in and get changed in and the other to put your bags in. The second tent also comes in handy if your tent fails you and the rain gets in.


Arrive Early

That’s all there is to it really. If you don’t arrive early, or get someone to pitch your tent for you, it is extremely difficult to get a group of tents with your friends all together.

Arriving early also allows you to have a floor plan of everybody’s tents resulting in the perfect festival set up with space for a camp circle (although don’t go too big, someone will pitch up in the middle if you’re not careful).


Don’t make music the only thing you see while at Glastonbury. There is so so much more to do. Wander to the Healing Fields where you can get a massage or spiritual healing. Head to the Circus Field and lose yourself in some crazy clown performance or find a lady dangling from the top of the Big Top. The Comedy Tent is one of the best places to go there is always something good going down, I’d recommend the improvised theatre performances they really are funny.

The art installations of Trash City and the Unfairground are just as good as the music and create an amazing atmosphere.

Food and Drink

 The classic Somerset cider is not to be missed. If you can get hold of the warm cider by the Pyramid stage, it’s even better when it’s late and you need a bit of warmth.

Food wise, I’ve never had a bad meal at Glasto, there is everything and anything. We often play a game who can name a food that isn’t on sale… we always end up finding them somewhere. The Yorky Puds are amazing, especially on the Sunday, it’s pork, stuffing, mash/chips with loads of gravy and it is just the best, unexplainable deliciousness!


There’s no beating around the bush, they are awful. But after you’ve been, believe it or not, you do get used to it.


The long drop toilets are the worst, compost if the way forward. Compost loos mean you go into a cubicle and pour dirt down the toilet, do your business and then pour dirt over the top. You’re helping the planet as well as relieving yourself in the cleanliest way possible.

Extra tip – go to the toilet the furthest away from you and don’t forget hand sanitizer.


Festivals are friendly places and in my opinion Glastonbury is THE friendliest place. So if you really need help just ask someone.

There’s so much more that could be said but as long as you don’t forget your wellies and you’re ready to for some crazy experiences, you’re ready for Glastonbury.