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Oscars Row A Diversion, says film-maker

20/10/2013 Pics of Colchester film festival Gaz reporter, Neil Darcy-Jones interviewing Ronnie Thompson, British film writer and director (green top)
Reproduced by kind permission of the Colchester Gazette


The uproar surrounding the absence of ethnic minority actors, directors and screen writers from the nominations for this year’s Oscars misses the point, according to an award-winning Colchester film-maker and writer.

Ronnie Thompson, who has directed two feature films including I Am Solider,said “I can see why black and ethnic minorities feel that they are being misrepresented but I don’t think it’s just that, as a whole I think it stretches beyond that, digging deeper into class structure within the industry.” Continue reading “Oscars Row A Diversion, says film-maker”


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