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SPOILER ALERT: Game of Thrones hits UK

game-of-thrones-season-6-posterIs John Snow dead?
Have the White Walkers taken over?
Will Daenerys Targaryen conquer Kings Landing?

These are just a few of the questions that avid fans were awaiting the answers to last night when the premiere of Games of Thrones Season 6 hit the screens in the UK.
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Protests in Colchester over junior doctors dispute


Today, junior doctors from Colchester General Hospital joined many from across the country in protest. They stood outside the hospital on the picket line in support of the strike organised by the BMA. This strike is like no other done before as the junior doctors have not only removed themselves from general care, but also from the emergency wards. This hasn’t been done in the whole of NHS’ 68-year history.

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Junior doctors to strike again


Junior doctors are set to go on strike again tomorrow due to the disagreement between the Government and the BMA about the rate of pay during unsociable hours. Continue reading “Junior doctors to strike again”

Essex rescue dog team wins top prize

john and darcy

Essex service search and rescue dog team John Ball and his border collie Darcy have won a bravery award for their international work.

Since training Darcy as a puppy, John has gone on to take his four-legged friend to many incidents in Essex. The team were also a part of international rescue efforts in Sumatra in 2009 and in Nepal after the devastating earthquakes last year. Continue reading “Essex rescue dog team wins top prize”

Clacton girls get a taste of the Prem

SOCCER Clacton County High School Mar 23 2016.jpg-pwrt3

Clacton County High School’s under-13s girl’s football team has won a place at the Premier League Schools Tournament finals, representing Chelsea FC. Continue reading “Clacton girls get a taste of the Prem”

Is social media a conduit for positive change?

In recent years, social media has impacted heavily on communication and allowed for many positive changes to occur, it could also be argued that it has created a sense of community, which wasn’t as prominent before. Continue reading “Is social media a conduit for positive change?”

Is social media a conduit for violence?

From the very beginning social media has enhanced communication of people across the world thus causing negative and positive impact on society.

In late 2011, social media played a massive part in the Arab uprisings. It all began when a Tunisian street vendor, Mohammed Bouazizi, set himself on fire in a protest about the corruption within the Tunisian government. Continue reading “Is social media a conduit for violence?”

Oscars Row A Diversion, says film-maker

20/10/2013 Pics of Colchester film festival Gaz reporter, Neil Darcy-Jones interviewing Ronnie Thompson, British film writer and director (green top)
Reproduced by kind permission of the Colchester Gazette


The uproar surrounding the absence of ethnic minority actors, directors and screen writers from the nominations for this year’s Oscars misses the point, according to an award-winning Colchester film-maker and writer.

Ronnie Thompson, who has directed two feature films including I Am Solider,said “I can see why black and ethnic minorities feel that they are being misrepresented but I don’t think it’s just that, as a whole I think it stretches beyond that, digging deeper into class structure within the industry.” Continue reading “Oscars Row A Diversion, says film-maker”

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